Entre Hermanos’ (EH) Immigration Program aims to achieve the rights of immigrants through direct legal services. Without appropriate legal assistance, members of the LGBTQ Latino community find it difficult to obtain legal immigration status, and more likely to be returned to their country of origin.

Our Immigration Manager will also engage in advocacy and immigration policy reform through collaboration with other nonprofits, community based organizations, government agencies, and Latin American consulates.

Immigration Law Clinics
• EH has conducted immigration law clinics for 2 years
• Clinics assists 6 clients in 30-minute consultation clinics
• Hundreds of clients have received answers to their most urgent immigration questions and/or given a referral to a private attorney or immigration service nonprofits

Family Law Clinics
• The Seattle Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs (OIRA) has enlisted EH to conduct monthly family law consultation clinics, particularly aimed at DACA recipients & family members
• Family law often intersects with immigration law, particularly in regards to marriage, divorce & custody
• Clarity on family law issues will ease our clients immigration concerns

• The OIRA has enlisted EH to prepare its community for citizenship eligibility & to participate in citizenship drives & workshops
• By becoming citizens, persons can now fully participate in civic life, with the right to vote in federal, state and local elections

Pro-Bono Referral Program
• EH is enlisting 15 lawyers to take yearly pro-bono cases for U-Visas, spousal sponsorships, and defensive asylum
• EH will conduct intake forms onsite and then refer the cases to enlisted lawyers

Asylum & U-Visas
• Starting in September, through a collaboration with Oasis Legal Services, EH will be taking affirmative asylum cases for LGBTQ clients through a full-time onsite attorney
• Onsite attorney will help asylum clients with work authorization, adjustment of status & family petitions

Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)
• EH has begun the process of BIA accreditation through the Department of Justice
• BIA accreditation will allow EH to represent clients in immigration proceedings before the Department of Homeland Security